Mitt Romney stood before leaders and activists at the NAACP convention in Houston, Texas, this morning and attempted to strike an inclusive tone by stating why a Republican governor should be their choice in 2012. But not everyone in the crowd was pleased with Romney’s agenda.

“With 90 percent of African Americans voting for Democrats, some of you may wonder why a Republican would bother to campaign in the African-American community, and to address the NAACP,” Romney asked those gathered.

Romney also used his time behind the podium to lay the groundwork for a five-point plan to help middle-class voters, especially black voters, once again find a way to achieve the American dream.

The plan included opening up energy sources by expanding the Keystone pipeline, cutting the growth of government by eliminating “non-essential” services such as Obamacare, expanding trade by opening up new markets, nurturing and developing skilled workers and restoring economic freedom by encouraging entrepreneurship.

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