Though the summer wedding season may be at its peak, today will be especially quiet for wedding vendors like Lethal Rhythms, a company based in Atlanta that provides professional mix DJ services in the Southeast.

That’s because couples are hesitant to begin their matrimony on Friday the 13th, leading many businesses to offer discounts to ease their superstitions.

Kra Riddell, market manager for Lethal Rhythms, said she has no events planned today, not even an anniversary or birthday party. In fact, Riddell said, Friday the 13th seems to regularly affect general hospitality businesses in Atlanta.

“I think the Southeast is very superstitious,” said Riddell, who has worked for the company since 2010.

Although there are plenty of client meetings scheduled today, the clubs and nightlife events for which Lethal Rhythms provides services also quiet down when Friday the 13th rolls around.

“It’s very bare in the clubs. I feel like people stay inside,” Riddell said.

Ridell recently became engaged, and though she is not superstitious she said she “definitely would not get married on Friday the 13th.”

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