When it comes to economics, one of the first missteps we make is not seeing God as someone who works.

Instead, we have this image of God as a King who just sits on His throne giving orders. Work seems a bit below the royal dignity, doesn’t it? Our view of work is someone with a sweat-stained back cutting down a tree or digging a ditch: now that’s work. Work requires some serious effort. Work is about action.

But isn’t that exactly what God did at creation? Judging by the impressiveness of the universe, He put forth some serious effort. In fact, notice what the Bible says He did after six days of creation: He rested. This doesn’t mean He was tired in the same sense that we get tired after working, but it does mean that He made a clear distinction between work and rest.

Jesus often talks about work, and provides an interesting insight when He says that: “My Father is working until now, and I am working.”

Work is important to God. It’s so important that He put Adam in the garden “to work it and keep it.” God took His creation and assigned it to Adam “to fill and subdue.” That sounds like work to me.

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