It takes a brave, brave man to dress up like a flying rodent, wouldn’t you agree? Perhaps that’s why since childhood I have been captivated with the super hero who really doesn’t fit the definition of “super” or “hero.”

He doesn’t have any gamma ray induced abilities, no spider bite steroid effects, and he can’t leap over tall buildings in a single bound while simultaneously telling children to obey their parents.

In fact, his parents were murdered right before his eyes, and the person he grows up to be is a study in conflicted personalities. He doesn’t spout family values and conservative ideals like the man of steel, but Batman does have the heart of a lion.

He’s a man with an edge and a deep internal conflict. Batman’s weakness isn’t Kryptonite… it’s himself. He is painfully aware of his own vices, which might be the fuel for his passion for saving Gotham City.

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