Mitt Romney is to arrive in Israel this weekend, focusing the campaign spotlight not only on Israel policy, but on the American voters who live in Israel.

I get to vote for the next American president as a new oleh, an immigrant to Israel who retains American citizenship.  I am registered to vote in the November election.  That’s important, because my living here solidifies my commitments to Israel.  Also, my views of the administration and events change when I watch news reports (in English) on Israeli, Russian, French, Chinese, and Arab TV stations that broadcast here, but not in America.  They have a very different take on stories from how the American press sees things.

There is a decidedly anti-Obama thread weaving through the American Jewish community in Israel.  We are uncomfortable and skeptical about his commitment to Israel.  Some believe that Mr. Obama, if not a Muslim himself, has deep sympathies for the Muslim world.  Elected to a second term, the president will pressure Israel no end to make life-threatening concessions to the Arabs in exchange for aid and protection under the American military umbrella.  This administration is setting records for military aid to Israel, and cooperation with Israel’s defense and intelligence services.

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