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Reigniting the Evolution Debate in Kansas?

A Kansan activist is uncertain whether the most recent State Board of Education elections will reignite the debate over including creation in public school science classes.

Come November, half of the ten seats on the Board of Education will be subject to elections. It is expected that the Board will review the science standards of the state next year, after the election.

Robert Noland, executive director for the Kansas Family Policy Council, which supports including alternative ideas to the theory of evolution in science classes, told The Christian Post that he had not found any major candidates who are running primarily on this issue.

“I haven’t found any serious candidates who are running on this as the sole reason for why they are running,” said Noland.

“I know there may be a couple who think it should be looked at, given the fact that the Board is looking at the standards right now; it’s just hard to tell what may or may not happen.”

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