A doping scandal cost the US 4×400 meter men’s relay team their 2000 Olympic gold medal. Days before the Games began, the International Olympic Committee stripped Team USA of its award and gave it to the Nigerian team 12 years after the event was run.

That’s on the minds of this year’s Nigerian athletes as they chase gold. In an earlier briefing, Ambassador Olwatoyin Lawal, Deputy Nigerian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, urged the team to remember they bear their country’s honor.

“Representing Nigeria comes with a lot of responsibility,” Lawal says. “As flag bearers, you owe Nigeria a duty to be scandal-free.”

Integrity plays a big role for the athletes who are not only chasing gold but also are bearing the name of Christ. Athletes like Idara Otu. She’s a Nigerian-American track and field athlete running under the green and white.

A graduate of Stanford University and two-time All-American, she rejoined the “red oval” community chasing a spot on the Nigerian 2012 Olympic Team. Now, she’s training for the semi-finals for the women’s 4×400 m relay on August 10.

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