In June 2005, Timothy Brindle got married. In October, he released his second album. By November, he’d stopped rapping. Many wondered what happened.

Fast forward seven years. It turns out the Lord in his sanctifying love was using marriage to expose the depths of Timothy’s selfishness and sin. But our merciful God didn’t leave him there. Instead, he revealed the abounding riches of Christ’s restoring grace to Timothy and his wife, Floriana. (Watch the Brindles discuss the painfully sweet journey.) Timothy has now experienced a glorious restoration to Christ, to his family, and to his church.

No surprise, then, that the title of Brindle’s third album (complete with a Puritanesque subtitle, I might add) is The Restoration: The All-Sufficiency of Christ in the Gospel of Grace to Restore Ruined Sinners to Himself for Their Joy and His Glory. Recently reaching #3 on the iTunes Hip Hop/Rap Albums category, The Restoration is a rugged and beautiful anthem to the Hound of Heaven who pursues straying sheep (Luke 15:3-7).

I corresponded with Brindle, now a student at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, about his new album, the daily value of the gospel, a Christian artist’s cultural posture, and more.

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