Have you ever wondered how a mixed martial artist could thank God after a fight? Or have you ever found it a little strange that an athlete could enter the cage adorned from head to toe in Christian t-shirts and hats just as he or she is preparing to fight another human being?

Those are the questions that the makers of “Fight Church” are addressing. The movie’s co-director Daniel Junge decided to take a look at how MMA and Christianity mix after “The Hammer” writer/producers Eben Kostbar and Joe McKelheer pitched the idea to him.

“I learned of this subject through Joe and Eben, who just finished a film called ‘The Hammer,’ which is a narrative MMA film,” Junge said. “In the process of making that film, they ran into a pastor, Paul Burress, who helped them out a lot with the MMA scenes and by donating both time resources to the project. He is a former fighter himself, not in the UFC, but in the early days of MMA.”

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