After another high-money earning weekend for the movie “2016: Obama’s America,” author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza promises to expand to about 1,600 theaters by next weekend. Uncomplimentary movie reviews by liberal columnists telling moviegoers to stay away from the film have not deterred the film’s success so far.

Following its expansion to 1,091 screens, the movie “stunned Hollywood” by taking in an estimated $6.3 million dollars last weekend, according to its publicity firm. The take for the weekend translates to the highest per-screen average of any major release and makes it the highest grossing new film of the weekend.

“We still live in a consumer-driven capitalistic economy and if there is demand we will do everything we can to meet it with supply,” D’Souza is reported to have joked. “Our plan is to do our best to expand this film to as many theaters as the people demand. We’ll be taking a close look at various markets and determining where we go next.”

While some movie reviewers say that D’Souza’s tracing of Barack Obama’s life in order to understand his worldview is only something conservatives can appreciate, others say the film is spot on.

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