On the 13th of August, after returning from the Rally in Norfolk, Virginia where Mitt Romney introduced Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate, I wrote an article entitled “Romney Goes Bold: Pro-Life Catholic Paul Ryan Chosen as Republican Vice Presidential Candidate.”

I made clear I was writing that article as a private citizen. I once again make that clear as I write this article. I opined that I thought the choice of Paul Ryan demonstrated that Mitt Romney was willing to make bold decisions in the interest of tackling a serious crisis in this Nation. I underscore that after having just heard one of the finest political convention speeches I have heard in many years.

On the 13th of August I wrote, “I believe Mitt Romney is correct in his assessment of this gifted man. He is a talented public servant, a truly good family man, a faithful, genuinely Pro-Life Catholic and, as I found out today, much, much more.  This man is a tremendous communicator. I have never heard him speak in public and I was truly impressed.”

“When Governor Romney called Congressman Ryan up to the podium, he mistakenly referred to him as “the next President of the United States”. He quickly returned to correct the gaffe. However, as Congressman Ryan spoke, I actually wondered if the mistake may someday prove to have been accurate.  Ryan’s sincerity, down to earth demeanor, warmth and believability reminded me of a young Ronald Reagan.

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