Israeli archaeologists have found two 9,000-year old animal-shaped figurines while excavating the site of a new motorway.

It’s believed the six-inch long statues, made from limestone and dolomite were used as good luck charms for hunters during the Stone Age.

The discovery is being hailed by experts because the ‘charms’ are so old they predate Moses by several thousands of years.

Archaeologists came across the figures, one resembling an ox, the other a horned ram, after examining the site of a construction project a few miles north of Jerusalem.

Dig director Hamoud Khalaily said in a statement: ‘It is known that hunting was the major activity in this period.

‘Presumably, the figurines served as good-luck statues for ensuring the success of the hunt and might have been the focus of a traditional ceremony the hunters performed before going out into the field to pursue their prey.’

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