It used to be said that the goal of a fair and just society ought to be “equality of opportunity,” but somewhere along the way we supplanted that noble goal for a twisted, utterly arbitrary one.

“Equality of outcome” is the new rallying cry for millions of Americans engaged in social, political and economic activity.

Loudest among them are a growing number of what I consider to be “my people”—self-described evangelicals who attend weekly church services, believe in the authority of scripture and genuinely care about finding ways to aid “the least among us.” Well-intentioned and sincere, many Americans across the theological spectrum have embraced a collectivist, redistributive view of political power, in my opinion, simply because they have hurriedly connected biblical truths related to wealth, justice, helping those in needs, storing treasures in heaven, etc., with a liberal philosophy.

I believe many Christians have an aversion to free enterprise and entrepreneurial activity and have shifted to the Left on economic policy because they believe God is intolerant of inequality. They might say, “Why should I actively or even passively support an economic system that requires some end up with less than others?”

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