NASCAR has 75 million fans—a lot of potential voters for this year’s presidential election.

That has groups like American Majority Racing  taking advantage.

At a recent NASCAR race, fans could see the group’s mission plastered on the side of car No. 81. They want Americans to “pledge to vote” and to “keep America free.”

“If you’re concerned about where this country’s headed, if you don’t like where we are economically, if you don’t like where you’re at economically, if gas is too high, if you don’t like the fact that you’re $130,000 in debt per person … you have to do something,” American Majority Racing Founder Ned Ryun said.

Ryun believes “doing something” means getting in the driver’s seat and participating in the election process. He said the goal of American Majority Racing is to fight against the “triple threat” of big government: out-of-control spending, massive debt and overtaxation.

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