There has been criticism in pan-Arab and regional media of the US-produced film which has provoked violent protests in Egypt and Libya. It features an actor portraying the Prophet Muhammad, which is forbidden in Islam. The film is reportedly being promoted by two US-based Egyptian Christians (Copts), and said to be directed by an Israeli American.

The media in Egypt on 12 September highlighted the previous day’s protests outside the US embassy in Cairo.

The daily Al-Yawm al-Sabi said Egypt’s Coptic community had distanced itself from the film. The Coalition of Egypt’s Copts has rejected “any attempts to insult or show contempt for religions and trigger sedition between people of religion at the international level”, the paper said.

Pro-government daily Rose al-Yusuf led with the following headline: “The authority of expatriate Copts insults Egypt’s Copts: You are cowards.”

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