A liberal friend writes that, okay, so all religions are crazy, and the Muslims are, too.

He is wrong, of course.  All the great religions — the ones that have grown over thousands of years — have had periods of violence and war.  All the great religions except Islam have given up war and now practice peace.  That’s the big difference.

Ninety percent of Muslims today may be peaceful, but they tolerate in their midst an explosive minority who can cite the Koran on violent jihad to convert the whole world.  Islam is only 1.4 billion out of 7 billion people on the planet, so the arithmetic, contrary to liberal defeat-mongers, does not favor Islam.  It favors tolerance, with the ongoing spread of Christianity (in China, Russia, and Africa), the existence of the State of Israel providing self-defense for the first time in two millennia to the Jews, the worldwide spread of Buddhism Lite (it’s rarely real Buddhism) and Vendantist Hinduism (again, the McDonald’s version).

If that’s true, what’s the fuss all about?  Why worry about 9/11, the Blind Sheikh, the Iranian madcaps, and now Egypt’s Brother Morsi?  Because liberals are historically ignorant, arrogant, and stupid, and they are happy to surrender and be lied to on behalf of neo-fascism of the nuclear Muslim variety.  With suicidal Western policies, the new rise of religio-fascism with nukes could well succeed.

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