Let’s be clear about this: I have never been, nor will I ever be a fan of athletics at the University of Tennessee. As an Alabama Crimson Tide fan, it simply would be sacrilegious.

Besides, that gaudy orange is just not my color.

Having said that, the image of the university itself went up a few notches in my book this past week when it took a stand not normally seen in this day and age of Christian persecution and hatred of Jesus. UT officials ignored a complaint and demand by the Freedom From Religion Foundation to ban prayer by Christian clergy prior to the Volunteers’ home football games at Neyland Stadium.

The Wisconsin-based FFRF tried to pull a fast one in a letter to Tennessee Chancellor Jimmy Cheek, stating that the practice is unconstitutional. Cheek had none of it, sending out a release saying he had spoken with the school’s counsel and was advised that “non-sectarian prayer at public university events does not violate the First Amendment.”

Cheek also went as far as to say in the release that, “The university will continue to allow prayers before university events.” Good for UT—very good for UT.

The organization even posted a story on its website that boasted the headline, “Christian Prayers Dropped at UTK After FFRF Complaint.” Talk about jumping the gun. But then the FFRF doesn’t have to set any standards for journalism.

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