Madonna left fans scratching their heads after she recently announced to a crowd attending her MDNA Tour in Washington D.C., “For better or for worse, all right, we have a black Muslim in the White House, OK? Now that is some s—.”

The singer has since clarified the remarks in a statement provided to Rolling Stone.

“I was being ironic on stage. Yes, I know Obama is not a Muslim – though I know that plenty of people in this country think he is. And what if he were?” Madonna says.

“The point I was making is that a good man is a good man, no matter who he prays to. I don’t care what religion Obama is – nor should anyone else in America,” she continues.

The “black Muslim” remark came at the end of a longer speech about political freedoms in which the singer singled out the work — and subsequent assassinations — of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr.

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