Great Britain and the United States might enjoy a “special relationship,” but they do not share the same commitment to religious liberty.  A parliamentary democracy, London has an unwritten constitution, but no equivalent of the First Amendment.  Thus, religious liberty increasingly is at risk in a social environment dominated by political correctness.

Four British cases involving religious liberty recently hit the European Court of Human Rights.  While the United Kingdom is no persecutor state, like Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, and North Korea, among many others, religious believers in Great Britain face increasing challenges.

Earlier this year an “all-party” British legislative group, Christians in Parliament, published a report on the status of religious freedom, “Clearing the Ground Inquiry:  Preliminary Report into the Freedom of Christians in the UK.”  The committee’s key finding:  “Christians in the UK face problems in living out their faith and these problems have been mostly caused and exacerbated by social, cultural and legal changes over the past decade.”

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