While some registered voters remain undecided, either impeded by Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith or President Barack Obama’s troubling social policies, one coalition of Catholic clergy is hoping its free phone app will help Christians decide how to vote based on the issues come November.

The Confraternity of Catholic Clergy has made available for Android, Windows and iPhone devices what it says is the first free non-partisan voting guide for Catholics. Its Catholic Voting Guide by Little i Apps LLC was created to help users “cast a responsible vote using a well-formed conscience based on Catholic moral principles.”

“With Election Day soon approaching, it is imperative that the lay faithful take their right to vote seriously. Living in a democratic republic has many blessings, rights and privileges that are essentially connected to civic duties and obligations,” said CCC President Fr. John Trigilio, Jr. “Making a prudent decision in the voting booth requires a well formed conscience and a reasonable knowledge of the issues at stake.”

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