Several supporters of the anti-corporate Occupy movement chained themselves to the pulpit of St. Paul’s Cathedral during a service Sunday in an action marking the anniversary of its now-dismantled protest camp outside the London landmark.

The Dean of St. Paul’s, David Ison, said he was taking an evening prayer service when “four young women dressed in white” chained themselves to the structure.

“It will be a long, cold night if they want to stay there,” he said.

Photos showed the women, one of whom was in a wheelchair, around the pulpit with a note written on an umbrella urging “throw the money changers out of the temple.”

Other protesters unfurled a banner with a similar message outside the church.

Occupy said the women cut themselves free and left at around 10 p.m. (2100 GMT; 5 p.m. EDT), after police officers told them they faced arrest.

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