Novelist Frank Peretti may be known for his tales of spiritual warfare, but the New York Times bestseller delivered a lighter rhetoric to the crowd at Liberty University Convocation on Monday, using a surprising amount of energy, humor, and silly voices to ignite conversation about the state of today’s church.

Peretti’s message unofficially kicked off Church Planting Emphasis Week at Liberty.

Johnnie Moore, Liberty’s vice president for executive projects who manages Convocation, said Peretti did not even know it was Church Planting Week but his message fit perfectly with the theme and was a great way to get things started.

“It is amazing the way the Holy Spirit works,” Moore said.

Peretti said the church has become more concerned with “the enterprise, with all the organization, all the customers and the executives and the technology, that we don’t have time to be focused on Jesus, really focused on Jesus.”

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