With every sin there are multiple levels of why it’s offensive to God and to be avoided. The simplest is clearly to say the Bible says it is. And we should start there; and if we can go deeper, that’s good.

I think it’s implied clearly and spoken clearly in Romans 1:24-29 that homosexuality is wrong and to be avoided. And I think Paul in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 lists a very unusual phrase about homosexuality where he says, “Those who do such things”-and he lists it along with greed and covetousness and other sins, so it’s not unique by itself in this-“those who do such things will not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

In other words, if you know that it’s wrong and you say, “I don’t care that it’s wrong. I don’t care what God says. I’m going to do that thing,” that’s an indication that you’re not going into the kingdom of heaven.

Now, that’s just the “It’s wrong, don’t do it” authority answer. The question “Why would the Bible say that?” is also multi-layered.

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