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Film festival wants to raise standard in movies

Hoping to strengthen a community of Christian filmmakers interested in bringing about a positive change in the types of movies coming out of Hollywood, more than 100 film industry experts are expected to attend the third annual San Diego Christian Film Festival this weekend, said a lead organizer of the event.

“It makes sense if we can just bring everybody together and share and help, and really raise the bar of the quality of film,” said Chad Stewart, who is on the board of directors for the festival and the managing director of a production company based in Del Mar, Calif.

Stewart told The Christian Post that the films the festival features and the kind of movies he helps produce are not necessarily labeled under the Christian film genre, but are made by Christian filmmakers with the intent of producing movies that are of high standard and not in opposition to Biblical values.

“It’s Christians making the best films out there – better than Hollywood,” he explained. “You have A-list actors, you have extraordinary compelling character-driven stories, message films. You have great directors and producers. The market is starving for it, not hungry, starving for good quality films.”

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