Evangelical leaders and activists have been pushing for immigration reform since early summer. Now they’re not just urging Washington for immigration reform, they want it in the first 92 days of President Obama’s second term.

The Evangelical Immigration Table — a group of 150 evangelical leaders who joined together in June of this year — released open letters to President Obama, the House and the Senate urging them to take action on immigration policy in the new administration’s first 92 days.

“This is not a Latino issue, this is an American issue,” says Rev. Gabriel Salguero, President of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition, who was there with several other prominent evangelical leaders. “We want leaders in Washington to put aside political rhetoric and partisanship,” Rev. Salguero added.

The evangelical leaders said this push for immigration reform has nothing to do with politics, but rather biblical teachings. Evangelical leaders say that the bible instructs followers to help strangers from another land; how one treats a stranger is how one would treat Jesus, according to their teachings.

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