Last week’s election boasted many firsts: Tammy Baldwin was elected as the first openly gay senator, Tulsi Gabbard as the country’s first Hindu member of Congress and Barack Obama will continue as the first black president of the United States. But some demographic groups remain underrepresented in high-level government positions. I’m thinking about atheists — at least those out of the theistic closet.

According to the Huffington Post, Kyrsten Sinema will replace Pete Stark as the only atheist in Congress. But an article in Jezebel identifying her as such led to the following “clarification” from her campaign: that Sinema “believes the terms non-theist, atheist or non-believer are not befitting of her life’s work or personal character. She does not identify as any of those.” So even a non-traditional candidate, like the openly bi-sexual Sinema, is choosing to distance herself from the A-word.

Why are atheists so conspicuously absent from our nation’s elected positions of power?

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