It’s so easy to harp on PETA for their idiocy. But we can’t deny that they provide ample amounts of comic relief. What makes them funnier is that they don’t even intend to be funny.

They’re at it again, and this time the culprit is President Obama. The occasion is Thanksgiving and specifically the tradition of the president’s “pardoning” of a Thanksgiving turkey. Wednesday at 1pm was the scheduled time for Obama to pardon the turkey, which traditionally is raised as any other turkey but chosen as a chick to be the “pardon turkey.” By pardoning the turkey, Obama will be sparing the bird’s life. So, what is PETA’s beef?

They wrote a letter to the President urging him not to participate in this outdated and humiliating ritual. Humiliating to the turkey that is. They compared these “gentle, intelligent” birds to blacks, “gays,” women and other mistreated groups who PETA say are ridiculed and mocked.

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