Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi” is a big, beautiful movie about big, beautiful ideas.

Wonderfully adapted from the novel by Yann Martel, “Pi” is a magical film. It’s a philosophical and metaphysical exploration of faith, religion and, most importantly, why we tell stories: fruits that aren’t always easy to digest in a major Hollywood movie. But director Ang Lee does a masterful job at weaving the philosophy with the spectacle, combining both into a seamless and exciting adventure.

A writer (Rafe Spall) sits down in present-day Canada with Pi (Irrfan Khan) and asks to be told an infamous story that would supposedly make him believe in God. Pi then takes us on an unbelievable journey back to his youth in India, where he was raised at a zoo in Pondicherry. As a precocious young man, Pi (Suraj Sharma) saw no distinct lines between religions and faiths. Against his father’s chagrin, Pi set about learning about the Hindu gods, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, combining all their teachings together with the intention of finding life’s meaning.

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