In another great battle for the political ages, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and the president of American Atheists David Silverman locked horns once again on Wednesday November 28, 2012 on the “Factor,” as the holiday sparks flew over the legitimacy of the Christmas holiday.

As many of you may know, Fox News trots out its favorite, annual Trojan horse known as the War on Christmas around this time, and this year is no different. Fox’s Bill O’Reilly is once again reeling in anger over the non-traditional, anti-Christmas antics of Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee and his politically correct idea to label the official state tree a “holiday tree” instead of a “Christmas tree,” and this is what set the stage for O’Reilly and Silverman to have yet another corybantic clash.

O’Reilly came right out of the gate firing at Silverman asking him why he is so hell-bent on attacking the time honored tradition of Christmas. O’Reilly told Silverman that if he wanted to celebrate the Winter Solstice it was his American right to do so, like it is someone else’s right to celebrate Christmas.

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