Forget decorations. What about decorum?

Clearly the F-bomb has become more common in the nation’s vernacular. However, as a mom, I know that the parents of young kids work diligently to shield them from learning vulgarities. Well, Merry Christmas! “Hip” clothier Urban Outfitters has just made that task more difficult by branding everything from flasks to T-shirts with the F-word in their new Christmas catalogue.

Really? Now that’s an interesting marketing strategy. According to, 58.6 percent of shoppers will give clothing as a gift this year, making up part of the whopping $228.4 billion spent on gifts in total. Still, someone should remind them they are not the only place to buy a cute boho sweater anymore these days.

The Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America recently wrote, “Urban Outfitters, headquartered in Philadelphia, operates five retail brands including clothier Anthropologie all over the United States, Canada and Europe. Urban Outfitters’ main demographic is between 18 and 24 — and many of their shoppers are even younger than that — meaning a good portion of shoppers aren’t legally old enough to drink. This is especially disconcerting because research shows that alcohol advertising targeting youth is strongly correlated with increased alcohol consumption.”

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