The defeat of Manny Pacquiao in the fight against Timothy Bradley was not really painful. Like the 80 out of 81 international boxing judges, Filipinos knew in their minds and hearts that their idol did not really lose that fight…

But this fight with Juan Manuel Marquez was a shocker. In the sixth round, with one second left, Marquez smashed Pacquiao’s jaw with a solid perfectly timed short right while Pacquiao was fiercely attacking him.

Pacquiao crashed face down on the canvas completely motionless for a scary two minutes after. Referee Kenny Bayless did not bother to count. He knew Pacquiao would not be able to get up.

Some, like his mother Mommy Dionisia, blamed his loss to his change of religion.

In an interview in General Santos, Pacquiao’s hometown, Mommy D said, “That’s what he gets for changing his religion….Since the ‘Protestant’ pastors came into his life, he has not focus on his boxing.”

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