First the Swedish government took their son away. Now an appeals court has terminated their parental rights–all because they homeschooled their son.

Domenic Johannson has been in state custody since 2009. Ruby Harrold-Claesson served as his father’s, Christer Johansson, attorney in the transfer of guardianship case.

CBN News Repoter Dale Hurd has been following this story from the beginning. He recently spoke with the family’s former attorney about it.  In June, the boy and his family experienced a glimmer of hope when a district court ruled the Johannsons could retain their parental rights. Now an appeals court has reversed that decision.

“We won in the District Court in Dec. 2011 when the court refused the municipality’s demand for an interim decision to transfer Domenic’s guardianship,” Harrold-Claesson told CBN News. “And we won a decisive victory in June 2012.”

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