To bring holiday cheer to U.S. military missing their families while deployed in Afghanistan, an 11-year-old Florida girl has mobilized an army of her own.

Savannah Maddison Ogden of Weston, Fla., is the creator of “Savannah’s Soldiers,’’ a letter-writing campaign that has resulted in children sending an estimated 25,000 letters to soldiers serving in Afghanistan, including over 10,000 during this holiday season.

The campaign began a year ago with a simple gesture: Savannah wanted to cheer up good friend Wilson Schaper after his father, Lt. Col. William S. Clete Schaper, was deployed to Afghanistan in January.

“I was kind of like, ‘Wow, what?’ I couldn’t imagine my parents going away for that long,’’ Savannah told NBC’s Kerry Sanders. “That would just crush me.’’

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