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Bradie James, a starting linebacker for the Houston Texans, knows that "God has given me this talent, and if I do my best, and if He receives all the glory, that's really what it's about."  Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images, courtesy of Houston Texans.

Texans linebacker Bradie James goes from ‘mess’ to ‘message’

When Bradie James steps onto the field for the Houston Texans’ playoff matchup with New England on Sunday, plenty of his teammates and opponents will be playing for themselves.

James knows, because he used to be one of them.

“Playing football, everything is all about who becomes a champion,” James said. “In my game sometimes, it’s all about who has the biggest ego, who has the biggest car or the house and this and that. I was living a worldly life. I was living for myself.”

A starting linebacker for the Texans, James eventually came to a crisis of faith as he began to question why he played football. He started going to church and trying to understand where he placed his faith. He picked up a Bible and started reading.

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