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DHS Guidelines Advise Deference To Pro-Sharia Muslim Supremacists

In a display of what has been going on for years under the Obama administration as they attempt to whitewash Islam, The Department of Homeland Security, who is openly declaring they are keeping an eye on outspoken conservatives, listing them first as religious extremists in their training manuals, has taken a different approach to dealing with Islamists. According to a 2011 memo they are bent on not only whitewashing Islam, but also seeks to lend credibility to the criticisms of pro-Sharia Muslim supremacists against the American system of government.

Charles Johnson, who provided the information about Adam Kokeshreports,

In a checklist obtained by The Daily Caller entitled “Countering Violent Extremism Dos and Don’ts” the DHS’s Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties notifies local and national law enforcement officials that it is Obama administration policy to consider specifically Islamic criticism of the American system of government legitimate.

This policy stands in stark contrast to the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis’ 2009 memo “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” [pdf], which warned of the dangers posed by pro-life advocates, critics of same-sex marriage and groups concerned with abiding by the U.S. Constitution, among others.

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