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Syrian Rebels to Assyrian Christian refugees: ‘If you want to come back, convert to Islam, or you will be killed’

AL THAWRAH, SYRIA (Worthy News)– According to the Assyrian International News Agency (, Assyrian Christians who have fled from an area of Syria called al-Thawrah (also known as al-Tabqah), have been told by rebels, “If you want to come back, convert to Islam, or you will be killed.”

An AINA story monitored by the ASSIST News Service (, said, “Accounts by Assyrian refugees from reveal the real face of the Islamist undercurrent within the Syrian opposition. Furthermore, these accounts serve as a stark and chilling reminder of what has already been suffered by non-Muslim communities in Iraq since 2003.

“On February 11, rebel fighters from the al-Nusra Front took control of the city and its strategic dam, the largest of its kind in the country. They also seized control of the three quarters that housed dam workers – many of whom were Christian Assyrians.

“Whilst they allowed the dam’s original staff to remain in the city in order to continue its operation, management and upkeep, those who were not Sunni Muslim were not afforded the same privilege.

One Assyrian refugee was reported as saying, “Everything is now in Jabhat al-Nusra’s hands. All the Muslims stayed there, but if any Christians want to go back they have to become Muslim or else they will be killed.”

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  • aceituna

    This is the true danger of Islam. We must be on guard so that they do not get occasion to do the same here.

  • SniperToo

    This is why there is no such thing as a tolerant, peaceful Muslim. I lived around/among them from 2000-2007 in France. They are NOT tolerant about anything nor anyone who is not Islam. They are an evil, brained wash, cult of animals who still want to live in the biblical days. They can’t nor wont live in the 21st century. Read the article that was written about what Churchill said about the Muslims years ago. They are unable to live in current times. Their cult beliefs will not allow them too. Their laws will not let individuals speak their minds, and live the way they want to. This cult is about control and if you don’t comply, you are killed. if you are raised into this cult or converted, you are not allowed to leave or face death, They run you down and bring you back, punish you and if that doesn’t convince you, than they take your head off and the women are stoned to death. I kid you not. Why do you think the reason is as to why they are pushing Sharia law in this country for EVERYONE, not just them. Control of the masses.

  • sammy13

    “If you want to come back, convert to Islam, or you will be killed.”

    Remember, these are rebels, who practice a “peaceful religion” who are overthrowing a “brutal” regime.

    Something smells here.

  • Sam

    It’s the end times. I see the signs. They are coming one after the other now. I believe Islam is the Great Harlot, which is all false religions. Islam is an evil that should be wiped out. When we see Israel’s enemies all come against her, we will see them be supernaturally destroyed. A lot of things are going to happen in the next two years. Check out the coming blood moons in 2014-15. There are 4 of them and a solar eclipse. Also, read Isaiah 1 7:1, a prophesy coming true before our eyes on the nightly news. We should have a giant Koran burning and tell the Middle East to kiss our asses.

  • Andrew Patton

    Israel, please take these God-fearers in, for they are counted as aliens in their homeland.