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Kansas Public School Promotes 5 Pillars of Islam

Parents in Wichita, Kan., were shocked to learn a giant wall display inside their children’s elementary school was erected to promote the Five Pillars of Islam.

According to a school district spokesperson, the display was reportedly part of a religion component being taught at Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet School.
“The bulletin board that originally caused the concern does represent the 5 Pillars of Islam — in a historical context of their studies,” the spokesperson said.
“There is also a painting of ‘The Last Supper’ hanging in the school as part of the study of art and the Renaissance period,” the spokesperson added.  Nevertheless, the school has removed the display until the lesson is taught later in the year.  School officials said the study of Islam is part of their “Core Knowledge” magnet curriculum.  Students also study Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism.


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  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Perhaps we should have them define that slippery word, ‘Study’. Study islam’s doctrines or indoctrinate things inaccurately; walking around the murderous tenets of its teachings?

    Frankly, I don’t trust any government entity to portray truth any more. There is no moral standard within government any longer, therefore not much in any government school either. So whatever they teach about any religion will likely not be accurate…but will only prove to serve their agenda.

  • Ron

    one should get to know your enemy

  • ProclaimingGodsTruth

    I suppose if there were to be a positive spin on this it would be that all of us should know our enemies. But even so we must even love our enemies -Matt 5:44 – God’s command!