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Hulk Actor Extols the Virtue of Abortion that Killed His Brother or Sister

Hollywood types get too much attention. They’re actors. They entertain us (sometimes). Their opinions are no more important than the check-out person at the local supermarket.

Unfortunately, their public platform gives them a license to pontificate on subjects that the liberal media use to push a degrading agenda.

Actor Mark Ruffalo’s comments on abortion is the latest example. Ruffalo played the Hulk in Marvel’s Avengers film. Ruffalo tells how his mother was “forced” to have an illegal abortion before abortion was legalized by seven unelected men sitting distantly on what we call the Supreme Court. So far, abortion has resulted in the deaths of nearly 60 million preborn babies in the United States, 60 million people who don’t have an equal voice because they’re dead.

I find it ironic that Ruffalo, who was not aborted, gets to speak about how thankful he is that his mother had the fortitude — being her own “master” as he puts it — to kill her pre-born child. His dead sibling never got the chance to offer his or her opinion on the matter.


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  • Mex Seiko

    It sounds like an award acceptance speech thanking his mother for eliminating a competitor sibling.


    Thank goodness for the super intellect of Liberal actors. They really be smart. Heck, one or two of ’em even goed to collige. Some of ’em can right thur name.

  • Fran

    This man is full of Hot air with NO brains to back up his comment.

  • loran

    Pride cometh before a fall. We will all have to answer for our sins.

  • Bob Williams

    The typical Progressive mantra: “Do as I say – not as I do!”

  • fidlin1

    Life can be tough, and in some ways tougher raising kids. It’s a huge challenge of hard work, sacrifice and reward. starting with love and commitment All I can say is that I can’t imagine my life without the opportunity I had to raise all of my 3 kids. Don’t miss out.

  • Nance51

    I am still of the mindset that when Americans truly have had enough of the Hollywoodites pushing big money towards any Progressive politician or cause then they will STOP giving them them their own money which they then turn against the good of America.
    Boycott the movies UNLESS the actors are Conservatives (rare). Watch ONLY good and wholesome family viewing and nothing more. If they don’t have YOUR MONEY, what can they do?

  • Sunshine Kid

    So, rather than knowing his siblings, he thanks his mother for not having children? She shouldn’t have had him, it seems.

  • Grant Page

    When it’s all said and done, the liberals of this era will go down as the most narcissistic generation to ever live. God will be their judge, which they have no problem with, since they think they are a god. They are in for a rude awakening a second after their demise.

  • usmc1063

    Every-time some famed film star opens their yap against a religious norm I can almost bet their extremities will be generally to the left and the far left at that. I just wonder if these people ever consider the fact that it could have be them being tossed into a slop bucket.

  • darrelljr

    the steroids have shrunk his brain

  • Laird

    This is an example of the type of sick, human debris that is being used by the Left to spread their propaganda of infanticide! Despicable!!

  • Annegelinas

    Master plan. Kill offspring in America
    Then take over America. There will only be very old folks with no fight left. Genocide is what you can call abortion in America.

  • aceituna

    He is foolish!

  • dotsdot

    Just another atheist spewing disregard for the life God gives us which should be sacred. His Mother may have picked another child but he was the “lucky ” one. God help us when people listen to the soul less idiots in Hollywood. Another reason I refuse to go to a movie even if I were paid. I think they are under worked and overpaid and want to give their advice to those who have difficult jobs and are often under paid. Hey Hollywood because you make way too much for way too little gives you no right to give us your opinion. Spread your garbage around Hollywood where it makes no difference! God Bless!