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Birth Control Battle Flares Up

Our favorite yarn supplier and kick-butt Christian business, Hobby Lobby, is still at it – standing up for their Constitutional right to run their business in a way that aligns with their beliefs.

Right now, they are one of over seventy businesses who in the midst of legal battles over this Obamacare birth control mandate that requires businesses to foot the bill for their employees’ birth control and abortion-inducing pills.

Many religious business owners have spoken out and made it clear that they aren’t against their employees going out and buying birth control; they simply can’t, in good conscience, pay for something that they are morally opposed to.

The big question isn’t whether or not people should be allowed to be on birth control or take the controversial Plan-B pill. The question is whether the government will penalize, shut down, or try business-owners who choose to do business according to their religious belief system.

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  • aceituna

    Congress — please defund Obamacare. Friends, continue to educate people on how Obamacare is going to destroy our future. In the end run Obamacare needs to be recinded.