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Massachusetts Outlawing Pledge of Allegiance?

The highest court in the state of Massachusetts will begin hearing a case where the Pledge of Allegiance itself is on trial. An anonymous atheist couple has brought suit against the state for the mandatory recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. The focus of the lawsuit is the simple phrase “under God”, which despite years of use, continues to offend the eminently offendable atheists. The Supreme Court of Massachusetts will consider Doe v. Action-Boxborough Regional School District on Wednesday. Their verdict will rule on whether or not the required recitation of the pledge violates the rights of students.

In the past, plaintiffs have attacked the phrase “under God” as being prejudicial to atheists and even non-Christians, in an effort to remove the pledge from our schools. This time around, the legal team representing the plaintiffs will argue that compulsory recitation of the pledge represents an attack on the state’s equal rights laws, which guarantee equal protection for everyone under those laws. This is very similar to the route that gay-marriage supporters recently used in a similarly successful case argued before the Massachusetts Supreme Court.

A lawyer for the defendants, who are represented by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, says that if the Court rules in favor of the plaintiffs,  “you would then see a rash of state court lawsuits challenging the pledge all over the country.” Meanwhile, he continued, “A win for us would completely avoid that unnecessary harm. And it would affirm that it is not discriminatory to have the words ‘under God’ in the pledge.”

The left argues that the Pledge of Allegiance somehow discriminates against the godless, but fails to show evidence of said discrimination. What they miss is that the affirmation of God in our society is what protects the unbeliever from discrimination. If there are no moral absolutes attributable to a Righteous and Holy God, then every man should be free to do what is right in their own mind. This is what the left argues for without considering the consequences – without an absolute moral law one cannot judge evil. If one cannot judge evil by an absolute code, then it is left to the will of the majority to decide what is right and what is wrong. Once that happens, the rights of the minority no longer exist.

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  • 1coachretired1

    I went to school in Massachusetts 4 th -9 th! We pledged allegiance-read a Bible verse,sang the Star Spangled Banner, and had solid truthful and traditional history lessons!

  • Ray_Downen

    Our public schools once were godly and patriotic. Many administrators of public schools now openly oppose God and godliness and patriotism. Our universities were founded by Christians as places where students could learn about God and goodness. All public universities in this nation are now godless, it seems. Those who walk with God have a good companion. Those without God are without hope or happiness.

  • aceituna

    Don’t most schools have opt out for reciting the Pledge. No one is forced to say it, just maintain a respectful silence. Hopefully the ungodly will come to recognize the truth stated in this article that without the religious basic values that chaos would reign in this world, and it will be a terrible place to live. It is showing up in many places already. Do they really want a disorderly world? They just wish to live to please their sinful desires.

  • daves

    It is a moral absolute that we do not push our religion on others.

    • fliteking

      You are actually funny, in a “tool” sort of way, when you are trying to be serious.

  • ECDucy

    I wish I could get the hell out of the Communist People’s Republic of Massachusetts, but my wife will not move. These people are NUTS!

  • Mex Seiko

    It’s ok. We’re approaching the end of the Church Age anyway. We are nearing the end. The Tetrads of 2014-15 may indicate that the War of Gog and Magog may be unleashed against Israel next year and God will destroy Russia and other Islamic countries (Ezek 38-39). Then Israel will take over the Temple Mount and rebuild the Temple in 3 1/2 years and then the Great Tribulation will fall on the world.

  • Bill

    We made it through the feast of trumpets this year
    Next year could be the return of Jesus for His Bride.
    I do believe Jesus will fulfill this feast next – as He did the first 4 – exactly on time.
    This feast of trumpets is a two day feast – that is known by the Jewish people as the feast that no man knows the day or hour ( of the new moon for them ) – the return of Jesus for belivers.
    The time is very late and the church has work to be done.
    May we be about doing what God has called us to do !