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Christian Movie Receives R-rating for its Biblical Message

In the last couple of decades, we’ve witnessed a very dramatic flip in morality. I’d go as far as to say that standards of morality have literally been turned upside down. What was previously thought to be a grave offense is now embraced and taught to our children. What was once considered morality is now bigotry.

A perfect example of this is displayed in the controversy over a new faith-based film, “My Son” that received an R-rating. The director of the flick, Jarod O’Flaherty says that he suspects the film was given this rating simply because of its Christian message.

O’Flaherty told Fox News, “First of all there’s no [bad] language in the film at all…but when you compare the content that is this film to even the mildest PG-13 action movies that are out there, the content of our film comes in as much less graphic… So it raises some questions about what was it in this film that got us the R-rating?”

Sex. Drug references. Nudity. Cussing. Violence. Those are the types of things that will get a movie stamped with an R-rating.  But, these are not features shown in the movie. The one argument that could be made would be that there is mild violence. I’ve not seen the movie, but apparently, there is a scene where a shooter comes in and shoots inside of a church. The director claims that the way the low-budget movie was filmed portrays this tastefully and in a way that isn’t even close to as graphic as you’d see in any comparable movie with a shooting scene.

“[I think] it’s a reflection of how Hollywood views Jesus in general.” O’Flaherty said. “If you, in an action flick are shootin’ up a bunch of zombies and you utter His name as a profanity, then hey – that’s a PG-13 rating, but if you’re in a real world tragedy and you’re talking about His love and forgiveness, well then that deserves an R-rating. I mean, the evidence speaks for itself.”


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  • agbjr

    Hollywood revels in remembering it’s “golden age” but in mindset is a very long way from the days of decent movies. From the earliest days of film Biblical events and religious stories were a staple in Hollywood. It is a shame these classic movies are not re-released to theaters to be seen again as they were meant to be seen. “The Bells of St Mary’s”, “Going My Way”, “Boys’ Town”, “One Foot in Heaven”, “Song of Bernadette”, “Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima” … these movies carry more human interest and ‘message’ than any of the Bible epics.

    • eganstew3

      You are right. I have seen some of the Bible movies and they were wrong in part of their message. I am not sure what the name of this one movie is, but it is about the birth of Christ The movie was wrong as it shows three wise men. We do not know how many wise men there were. All we know is they brought three gifts. There could have been many more wise men.

  • 3deuces1

    Jesus, If we ever needed you, We Need You Now.

  • eganstew3

    To be honest, I have learned that ‘R’ rated movies are worth the watch. I have been very disappointed in PG13 movies. It seems there is way to much cussing and sex and yet it is rated for children. Years ago, I was watching PBS and they were going to show a movie. My daughter and I sat down to watch when the rating came up “R”. I turned it off, and after watching another program until it was off, I began flipping the channels. There was nothing to watch and we ended up back on PBS. I was not aware that it was the same movie I flipped off half an hour before and it was wonderful. The only words spoken were at the end when a baby came into the world. The whole movie was nothing but music and picture. Again, I went to see a movie “Patriot” and after buying the ticket I was disappointed to find it was ‘R’ rated. I saw not much in that movie I would not allow a child to watch. I watched “Hanoi Hotel”, and it was rated “R”. I am not sure how they rate these movies. I have seen PG13 movies I would not allow my aged mother to watch. I will say there are some “R” rated movies I would not spend time on. I do not think we can allow someone to tell us what to watch, but we must use discernment and filter out the unclean, unnecessary garbage that comes in the form of movies. Years ago, I decided to get rid of all the movies with Occult messages and to my horror, just about all of the Disney movies went in the garbage. About the only movie I have that I would use caution with is “Swindlers List” I wish I had the ability to filter out a couple scenes that have nothing to do with the story, as I do think we need to be aware of what happened in Germany as it is going to happen here. I mostly like movies that deal with people and real events.

    • aceituna

      The raters sense of values is skewed. Books and movies that would be rated “R” often time have a message we need to learn — to recognize the depravity of the sinful mind and how it needs to be corrected. Much of the Biblical narrative could be posted as “R” but God put it into the Bible as a warning. “PG” is actually an entrance activity into the education of a dievient lifestyle. It titillates the child’s imagination and curiosity so that they are tempted to try this lifestyle and many fall. The ones who rate these movies are interested in getting as many of our youth as possible to succumb to this temptation and many of the children fall. With instruction they could watch an “R” movie and learn from it. That would be a better education.

      • eganstew3

        Amen. Thank you for the wonderful comment.

  • Denmin

    This is in scripture.To call good, evil and evil, good and it is through out our country.This just shows how bad it has gotten but its only going to get worse.Prepare yourselves.