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Pro-Life Clinics as Missional Ministry

When it comes to pro-life advocacy, Christians must increasingly speak with compassion and grace. The decision to keep a baby or to abort it involves real people and personal decisions. Often, calloused statements have tainted the pro-life cause as being “anti-women.” We must defend the unborn without demonizing those who disagree.

The Scriptures remind us that abortion is a symptom of a deeper human condition. Sin is the sickness that infects every human heart. Its fruit, James 1:15 reminds us, is death. But if sin is the problem, recognition of sin is the gateway to the cure—not just for abortion but for every other social ill. Adam’s tragic moment in the garden didn’t surprise God, and neither does the injustice of abortion. The entrance of sin into the world triggered God’s eternal plan of rescue, fulfilled in the birth, life, and death of Jesus Christ (see Romans 5:18-21).

So if the church lives on the grace side of abortion and other social sins, victims of sin’s devastation should find in the church the transformative power of the gospel  as the redeemed work with God to restore justice to a fallen world.

For the millions who have made the choice to end a life, there’s a river of forgiveness available that flows from Immanuel’s veins. As hymnwriter William Cowper powerfully states, “Sinners plunged beneath that flood, lose all their guilty stains.”

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