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Facebook is turning a blind eye to religious harassment on its social network.
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Help Me Stop Facebook-Approved Religious Harassment

Christian ministry pages on Facebook are being targeted for profane harassment, and Facebook is turning a blind eye. Would you help me send them a message?

Last year, I documented Facebook’s glaring double standard when it came to allowing all kinds of obscene, Jesus-mocking Facebook pages (along with pages encouraging anti-Israel violence) while shutting down Christian pages that differed respectfully with homosexual activism (in this case, the page devoted to discussion of my book A Queer Thing Happened to America).

Thankfully, after bringing national attention to this issue and working with an internal contact at Facebook, the page was reactivated, with apologies from Facebook. (For the relevant stories, see here and here.) But the extremely offensive sites, replete with profane, Christ-defacing graphics and horrific anti-Jewish images, were not shut down, despite the clear standards articulated in Facebook’s community guidelines.

Still, if Facebook wants to allow groups of all kinds to use their services, that’s their prerogative, as long as Facebook doesn’t violate its own standards and allow anyone to harass or intimidate others.

Unfortunately, Facebook is now permitting a new version of cyberattacks on Christian pages, and despite working with my internal contact at Facebook and despite others complaining about this very issue, Facebook told me nothing would be done to resolve the problem.


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  • antiliberalcryptonite

    I avoid Fagbook at all costs.

  • Pazuzu

    Let’s do what the moslems do and threaten violent reprisal because we’re offended.

    • bobmead1960

      How about changing them like Jesus changed the world. He loved and gave to help his enemies Romans 5:10.

  • bobmead1960

    America is going to face the challenges of Christian’s not being the salt and light of the world. We are COMMISSIONED to spread the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Our laziness and indifference has brought us to this position in time. The past generation will have to apologize to Almighty God for not spreading his word. DO THAT VERY THING TODAY – WITNESS. 12 men in less than 100 years evangelized the known world in that short amount of time. We have greater resources and information about God. USE HIS POWER!

    • zombiekiller117

      ” We have greater resources and information about God. USE HIS POWER!”
      Do you not see the inherent contradiction of your statement ?
      First you post that we have greater resources and information then the evangelists of old, then in the very next breath you tell us to ‘use God’s power’.

      • bobmead1960

        I will make it very simple. Let’s take the human body because when God created it he set in order a wonderful plan that is being exposed for the might and wonderful being that it is. Mankind has known little throughout the ages about the human body. Doctors just 150 years ago used leaches to ‘bleed’ the bad blood out of the body. All they were doing was accelerating a bad situation to worse, and ultimately killing them. In time we found we NEED blood and RARELY is leaching used in the most rare cases. The Bible told us that “life is in the blood” Leviticus 17:11. But today medical science has take great steps to figure out the complexity of the body, like DNA. Darwin even said that if the means to replicate a creature or man was COMPLEX than his findings would all be wrong. The methods that are found in the Bible are known to us in a FULL message (Genesis means beginning and Revelations means endings). So God said his word is like a double edged sword. It needs to be handled properly and when his word penetrates to our heart this type of sword does more damage coming out. We need to be extremely careful that we use it to its best means to accomplish his task. hope that helps. Tks for the statement. I write apologetics for God. I am writing about the proof of God. That 5 major religions are ALL wrong or one is right. And lastly, the right religion versus the Islamic faith.

        • zombiekiller117

          That’s a good reply, I’ll be thinking about that for a long time to come.
          On another note, isn’t it wonderful that I can be here in my house in Sydney, Australia and can discuss a topic with someone across the sea in USA (?). I50 years ago this would take months of sailing to send communications between us.
          Best wishes.

          • aceituna

            A proper use of a gift from God.

      • aceituna

        These resources are a gift from God for us to use. Unfortunately there are those who misuse it – those who refuse us the Freedom of Speech right.

  • bonniewheeler

    Bob, I agree – It took an atheist to stop the spread of Christianity. -Freedom of speech is granted by the Constitution. The restriction on freedom of religion and speech is not something that our founders expected to happen. It is the exact opposite of why this nation was founded.

    • zombiekiller117

      “We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior.”
      It is free to speak, but if we disagree with what you say we will not let anybody hear what you say.
      How can people in a Republic bring about a change of Government policy if we aren’t allowed to publically question that policy ?
      Immigration is a Government policy, but even here on this forum no dissent is allowed as all dissent on immigration is ‘racism’ and is therefore banned.

      My point being that ‘free speech’ is entirely an illusion, besides if you replace the gene pool of the founders with the gene pool of Mexico then pretty soon your country will look and feel like Mexico, or Somalia or where ever else the replacement gene pool comes from.

      USA elected a Kenyan, did people really think you could elect a Kenyan to be President and NOT have the USA come to resemble, well, Kenya ?

      • aceituna

        Very interesting comments — mostly true

  • HongryHawg

    Do what any sensible American Conservative does; delete your Facebook page. That won’t stop fb from tracking your movements through their Facebook Connect but you will have at least removed more of their audience and ratings. Facebook is no longer what it was intended. It’s a government information-gathering tool. That’s not paranoia. That’s fact.

  • Robert12Disqus

    so leave facebook. that’s how our country was founded – they left england and never looked back.

  • Mys77

    All I know is every time I defend myself and my faith, I was attacked with such hate and unseemly comments it was laughable. Talk about hate speech and intolerance… there it is….but it also reassuring because of their reaction… my words must of hit their mark…. and the truth to the satan worshiper feels like acid on their skin. I feel closer to Christ than ever before… and more than ever am I convinced that Christianity is the only way.

  • Annegelinas

    yes quit using facebook

  • bonniewheeler

    Mys, There was a time when Christianity was accepted by most everyone, including our government. But even back then we knew that it would not always be. The Bible prophesies that in the last days, before the return of Christ, that Christians would be persecuted. So we should not have been surprised when it was first attacked in our public schools and other government org. All we can do is proclaim it (and we do have that right) and let others accept or deny.