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Letting Science ‘Interpret’ Scripture Is Slippery Slope, Says Young Earth/Universe Creationist

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – A “young earth” creationist, who also believes the universe is much younger than many astronomers calculate, says once people begin to rely on science rather than the Bible to answer questions about our origin, even for just parts, they are asking for trouble.

“It’s a very slippery slope when you decide that there are some sections of the Bible that you are going to allow the secular scientist to tell you what it really means,” said Dr. Jason Lisle, during an interview with the press shortly after his debate at the National Conference on Christian Apologetics with astronomer and pastor Dr. Hugh Ross, who argued for a universe that is nearly 15 billion years old.

“You’ve opened a very dangerous door,” Lisle continued. “Basically, you’ve decided to say that ‘I’m going to make the secular scientist my ultimate standard by which I interpret the scriptures’ and if you are consistent with that, and most people are not, thank goodness, but if you are well, hey, most scientists don’t believe the resurrection of the dead is possible.”

In other words, people become susceptible to their own interpretations of the Bible at other points in its books and chapters as well.

“Some people will say they can live with the inconsistencies. They’ll tell me: ‘Well, it’s just Genesis that I allow the scientists to tell me what it meant,’ Lisle explained. “But, what we’ve found is that children will see that inconsistency, and they will be more consistent, they will reject all of the Bible. They’ll say, ‘Well, mom and dad don’t really believe in the Bible because they don’t believe in the first few chapters. Why should I believe in the Gospel?’ We’ve seen that happen. The statistics are just alarming. We see the students walking away from church in droves.”

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  • Sam

    The more I study science, the more I know that God is real. Don’t know how scientists can remain atheists. Never made sense to me.

    • edc

      It’s only because they KNOW there is no one more intelligent than themselves. Their ego and pride is their downfall. (I is at the center of all s-I-n.)

  • Mex Seiko

    An Atheist Bible study is oxymoron. Science interpretations of the Bible will be totally skewed.

  • aceituna

    The crux of this article lies in the words of our young people, Since mom and dad did not believe the first chapters of Genesis, why should I believe what we are told in the Gospels?” In this way their faith is destroyed. God created the world and in the first two chapters of Genesis pronounced it “good”.. Would and all-knowing, caring God pronounce the world as the evolutionists see it, a world where only the fittest survives, where death and destruction reigns as “good”. No, God created a paradise where none of these things existed. It was the entrance of the devil into this world when he tempted Adam and Eve in the garden that started the world into the downward spiral into the kind of world evolutionists envision. Evolutionists try to tell us that little by little we are evolving into something better. Does history prove them right? My history study says no. God is at work bringing the “good” back to the creatures He created (us), through the death and resurrection of his son who suffered the consequences we deserve because we are sinful, the inherritence we received from Adam and Eve. If we refuse and despise the gift of forgiveness God has provided we will indeed suffer the consequences of sin. The foundation of our salvation lies in the fact that God is restoring us to the “good” kind of world (heaven) that He first created through His Son who suffered the consequences of our sin when He died on the cross and 3 days later resurrected. Without what happened in Genesis chapter 3 the death and resurrection of Jesus would have been unnecessary as the evolving human creatures would not have been created a living soul as recorded in Genesis 1 and 2, and therefore unredeemable.

  • Pastor Dwayne

    I like the fact that “”non-believing”” scientists prove that the Bible is very correct!!

  • mallen11

    Any believer who does not believe in the first two chapters of Genesis have not been taught correctly. If they have a minister or pastor who knows the original languages can explain the correct meaning and know it all has to do with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

  • zombiekiller117

    I think it’s very dangerous when we allow ‘theologians’ OR political correctness officers to tell us what some parts of the bible mean.
    In today’s society being ‘trendy’ even outweighs the Golden Rule.

    • Bighoss

      I think it is dangerous to give any credibility to anyone goofy enough to believe that the earth is only about 6000 years old.