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Wausau school choir

School Choir’s Right to Sing Christmas Carols Restored in Wisconsin

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) declared victory in a Christmas music case following a public outcry against a Wisconsin school board’s alleged attempt to limit religious songs in school performances. The Master Singers, Wausau West High School’s elite choir, which formed the center of the debate, resumed practice on Tuesday.

“The courts have never thought [of religious songs in schools as] a problem because there’s obvious secular reasons for them in concerts,” Rory Gray, ADF litigation counsel, told The Christian Post on Tuesday. Gray argued for the cultural and educational value of traditional religious songs, mentioning that many traditional carols involve “complex music, written by masters.”

The controversy arose early this month when Phillip Buch, director of Wausau West High School’s choral programs since 1981, told the Wausau Daily Herald that Wausau School District administrators gave him three restricting options for Christmas music: include five secular, nonreligious songs for every faith-based carol; hold a concert without any Christmas music; or postpone concerts in December.

Since his elite choir, the 20-member Master Singers, is invited to sing at “nearly a dozen holiday concerts each year,” Buch called these demands unacceptable. Due to the new restrictions, he disbanded the group on Oct. 4. “We sing for nursing homes, grade schools and businesses. To do that without Christmas music doesn’t make sense,” the director said.

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  • agbjr

    For decades our local high school Christmas Concert has ended with choir, orchestra, and audience joining in a triumphant “Alleluia Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah. It brings our very diverse community together in joyful song. It is a treasured tradition, expected and happily anticipated by all.

  • aceituna

    This is a war against Christianity ; if any other religious songs from pagan religions were involved there would be no objection.

    • Bighoss

      Do you really believe that if a school choir decided to sing all-Muslim music, there would be no objection from any of the Christian nationist contingent in that school’s district? If so, I must respectfully ask what you have been smoking that would lead you to that conclusion?

      • keyboardshark

        I believe aceituna was referring to school administrators not objecting. Of course Christian parents would object to Muslim music because Islam is a false religion that teaches it is OK to murder ‘infidels’ (anyone who does not convert) and tell lies to advance the cause of Islam, among other wacky teachings.

        • Bighoss

          Maybe; maybe not. aceituna needs to make his/her position clear.

          • aceituna

            Keyboardshark is right

          • aceituna

            Also I don’t believe that school administrators would be stupid enough to make an all Muslim Music program and present it to the public. They know that that would bring down the ire of most of the parents of the students and the whole community. Such indoctrination is done quietly in the classrooms.

        • aewginaldwatts

          It is painfully evident that our president firmly beieves in
          the Muslim right to lie to further his genda!

  • Dave

    There is actually NO laws that says separation church and state. NONE! Just says can NOT establish a state church and by allowing atheist win the case is JUST what the constitution is say NOT to do!! Separations church and state was taken OUT of context of a letter to the Baptist church say they can NOT get involved, And guest what the government is NOT doing by these court cases?? Exactly what the letter said it can NOT do!!
    Read and study the constitution. Then read and study the letter to the Baptist church,Then read and study the supreme case of 1977 on atheist religions. Then read and study these case and you will find that is clearly against the constitution what the atheist wins are,!!