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Prayer Alert: Canada’s Supreme Court Strikes Down ALL Laws against Prostitution

Current laws in countries such as Sweden—where the “pimp” or the “john” is criminalized instead of the prostitute—could be considered.

Ottawa)—An historic decision by the Canadian Supreme Court was made on Friday, which strikes down all of the country’s “Criminal Code provisions dealing with prostitution,” according to a Toronto Sun report.

The ruling was a unanimous one, but it will not take affect for one year in order to give Canada’s legislation the opportunity to rewrite the current laws of regulation.

The Supreme Court justices cited the endangerment of prostitutes’ lives under the current laws as the reason for the landmark decision, saying that because of current legislation, prostitutes are not able to protect themselves.

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  • Devasahayam

    Unfortunately, SC-Canada has not had much sense since sometime prior to 1987 when it struck down all laws governing abortion.

  • AG Dot Com!

    No harm could possibly come of this decision, no sirree… nope… won’t cause rampant sex slavery or exploitation of immigrants, drug addicts, runaways, or other at-risk girls… nope, never happen…

    … idiots.

  • John J Flanagan

    Those who are for this law fail to acknowledge the historical decay of societies coming from legalizing prostitution. Increase in STD’s, breakdown of families, loss of self respect, moral and spiritual decline. While believing they are enlightened, the Canadian Supreme Court has shown great ignorance.

  • ProclaimingGodsTruth

    The Days of Lot and Noah are increasing, almost by the day. Last days folks. Please take some time and get right with Almighty God. These kinds of things show that His coming could be sooner that anyone thinks.

    • SniperToo

      Amen, so it is, so it goes. The Bible has warned us and we do not hear.

  • Wilbert Jennings

    Decay of moral societies has always been the demise of such nations. Why have marriages if the man or women can have a legal affair. Why have laws for anything, heck live and let live . Remember how it was before society established any type of moral structure. I think the average age at death was 40. Man what a relief it will be to answer to no body especially to GOD. O wait , fortunately we will answer to GOD and those that have felt the need to live outside of his standards will have eternity to continue in HELL.

  • 615GEJ1

    Reversing the punishment from the prostitutes to the customers would definitely slow down business, but you won’t see that happen.

  • Gwynn Ap Nudd

    Good idea: punish men but not women. They do the same in Sweden. The prostitutes hate it because it’s so bad for business.

  • Douglas Smith

    Selling is NOT illegal.!!. Intercourse is NOT illegal !! ~ selling sex isn’t illegal ! GET REAL !!

    • Sunshine Kid

      Just because you say it is not illegal doesn’t mean it is legal. If there is a law on the books saying this act is illegal, no matter what you say, then the act is illegal until the law is changed.

    • petroskhan

      In what jurisdiction?
      If there is a law against something, then guess what? It’s illegal.

  • mallen11

    Maybe all the scum who like this sort of life will move to Canada and we can clean up the streets here. Of course it is wrong to think that way but just couldn’t help dreaming.

  • Ron Henderson

    Stupidity leads to greater stupidity! In this case there is always something ‘behind’ the actions-be it lust-fullness, unrestrained immorality, rejection of Christian morals, or whatever. Instead of removing the laws that adversely impact the women, while prohibiting prostitution, these people calling themselves judges for the people (better judges of…) demonstrate their moral worth and hence their ability to rule Canada. The higher the moral principles of the nation’s rulers the better and happier the nation! It is evident on all counts that this does not apply to this country.

  • petroskhan

    Okay, so they’re going to make it illegal to BUY the sex, but not SELL the sex? Riiight. Makes a LOT of sense.
    Okay, here’s the easy out. She’s not selling, and he’s not buying. They’re just having sex, since they like each other. And he will, of his own volition, give her something to help her pay her bills afterwards…just to show his gratitude and appreciation.

    Come on…just call it what it is, and either make it illegal, or turn your back on it, and hope it goes away (hint: It won’t). Either take the moral high ground, or pander to a perverted and immoral minority…again.