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satanic statue

If Christians Can Build Statues, So Can Satanists

By: Kirsten Powers

(RNS) Just what every town needs: a 7-foot satanic statue.

Believe it or not, Oklahoma received a proposal last week from the New York-based Satanic Temple for just such a figure to be placed near the state Capitol. The monument depicts Baphomet, a goat-headed pagan idol, sitting on a throne inscribed with an inverted pentagram.

According to a spokesman for the temple, “The statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation.”

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  • zombiekiller117

    So because the founders decided to not allow a government church it established the ‘right’ to put up statues to evil ?

  • Sam

    Why should we tolerate those who worship evil? We have enough of that with the terrorists that our military fight every single day. Evil has no place in society.

  • Matt

    Look forward to the day I can exit this evil world and go to the next where all these people who don’t believe in God, Jesus or heaven will be soooooo embarrassed.

  • Jim Schafer

    they can have their statues(idols), just like other pagans do, it has no effect on us unless we start worshipping them. there will always be some form of anti-Christian philosophy, or behavior, that I do not have to apply to my life. . . this also gives me another opportunity to share my faith in Christ and show them His peace that they can never have because they are always afraid that they might do something that will bring death. well, my dear friend, Christ already died for me. . .I no longer have to be afraid of anything, or anyone, because if they kill me, I have a double-win—I get to meet Him face-to-face—but what happens to them if they are killed? you guessed it—-HELL! ! !

    • Wordmahn

      I’m afraid that it does have an effect on others though. Some children and ignorant/deceived persons could be influenced to embrace the subject of those statues. And the wicked and the evil spirits who deceive them will be emboldened. This is the poison fruit of so-called multiculturalism that deceitfully maintains that all cultural ideas are of equal value.

  • Jim Schafer

    it is our(His children’s) objective to provide light to a darkened world, we do this by our actions, words, and relationships with others. as we put into practice these elements, our beliefs will become apparent. when I said that “they can have their statues(idols) just like other pagans do” this was meant to indicate it does not matter what we have around us that will provide credence to our faith. what matters is how we relate to those elements, person or thing. this is the basis of our witness—our behavior. this also includes our works—but let me quickly make myself clear—I am NOT implying that salvation is by works—I AM NOT(eph. 2: 8-10) I am stating that our works will give evidence of the salvation that he has given to us. matt5: 13-16.

  • John J Flanagan

    No, Satanists have no rights, period. Run them out of town.

    • Bighoss

      The First Amendment makes no such distinctions such as you ignorantly advocate.
      The framers of the Constitution in no way limited freedom of religion to those religions that they themselves approved of. If you were a strict constructionist, you would understand this, but since you appear to promote a totalitarian majority rule in communities that are “primarily Christian”, it is evident that you are not a strict constructionist and lack respect for the intent of the framers.

  • Bill

    Evil Freemasonry at work.

  • Wesley Woods

    the problem is that this is a New York satanist group not a group from Oklahoma. if it was an Oklahoma satanist group wanting at the Oklahoma capital than there is no real problem for it would be their state capital, but since it was a New York group it is not their state capital, so this group needs to put this at their state capital in Albany.

    • Bighoss

      Nope. They can be from New York and nevertheless make their demand for equal space for the Satan monument. All they (or the ACLU or the Freedom from Religion Foundation) have to do is to get one or more citizens of Oklahoma to assert an interest in erecting this devilish thing, thus showing “standing” to bring a legal action seeking relief from Oklahoma City’s refusal to allow them equal access to pubic property.

  • far2right

    The image of the cross is borne of demonic delusion.

    There is no difference between crosses and Babshomey.