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What’s abortifacient? Disputes over birth control fuel Obamacare fight

WASHINGTON (RNS) Conception. Pregnancy. Abortion. Abortifacient.

Those words today are in a rhetorical swamp where contesting religious, medical and political views muddy understanding. And soon the U.S. Supreme Court will wade in.

On March 25, it will hear challenges to the Affordable Care Act’s provision that employers must provide insurance coverage with no co-pays for contraception.

A fundamental legal question in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. is whether corporations, like individuals, have a right to religious speech. Hobby Lobby is owned by devout evangelical Christians who say they should not be forced to provide contraception services that they find immoral.

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  • blackhawk132

    Babies are not human at conception ? Oh NO ??? A seed that is planted in
    the earth begins it’s life as a sprout . That sprout heads for the sunlight and
    is a living plant as soon as the seed germinates which follows the exact path a
    human being follows. The sperm attaches to an egg and germinates. Walla ; A
    real life human being. How can anyone with 1/2 a brain claim their NOT ALIVE ?
    America is proud of the 57 million , and growing , murders of these innocent
    children, Why doesn’t the Churches scream from the rafters to obey Gods
    Commandments. These tiny , helpless children depend on their mothers to protect
    them so they just suck them out ripping them into pieces while the baby screams
    but no one comes to save them. Horrible and sad and they call us human
    46% plus abortions are from black mothers. Don’t they realize they
    are murdering their futures. Imagine in 10 or so years when the black population
    totally declines. Wow ; Liberals have them really brainwashed out of existence .
    Do thet really think the libbers really support them ??? Don’t worry ; They will
    replace them with Muslims who have multiple children.