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Are Christians Really Free to Smoke Pot?

Yesterday, Andy Crouch wrote a thoughtful piece on marijuana and Christian liberty. In it, he explains that while the editorial position of Christianity Today is that Christians are free to smoke marijuana recreationally where it is legal, ”when it comes to pot in our particular cultural context, we think it would be foolish to use that freedom.”

This subject is not an easy one to deal with, but it’s an important one. Marijuana is legal in several states, and its legal status has been disputed in my homeland for well over a decade1—so it’s a subject we’re all going to have to deal with sooner or later.

Now, there’s a lot I agree with in Crouch’s article, particularly its conclusion that Christiansshouldn’t smoke weed, even if they’re free to do so.

“The Christian’s freedom is a gift that leads to serving others, with care, attention, skill, and singleness of heart,” Crouch writes. “It’s a freedom that willingly sacrifices easy pleasures in order to serve. And by that standard, it’s hard to imagine that pot will be helpful any time soon.”

So while I agree with his assessment that if we are free to do this, we still shouldn’t, I’m honestly uncertain about the if itself. In other words, I’m not certain the Bible actually allows for this to fall under the domain of Christian liberty. Here are two points to consider:

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  • edc

    Being “legal” doesn’t mean it’s “right”. Abortion of pre-born babies is “legal”, but, definitely not “right”. Always do the right thing.

  • anitamanninen1

    Drinking is legal too, but it is expressly mentioned in the Bible to NOT get drunk. So I would think the only reason to smoke pot is to get high, then the same rule applies.

  • Wordmahn

    Liberty is not the license to do what you want, but the freedom to do what you ought.

    Me? I’d hate to appear at the Great White Throne judgement to give account of my life before the fearful Presence of the Almighty and have to admit that (in the immortal words of Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show), “I got stoned and I missed it.” Shudder!