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My Thoughts on Bob Coy’s Resignation — And the Epidemic of Moral Failure in the Church

I was devastated — heart sick — this morning to open my Facebook and the top story shared by a couple ministry friends was the resignation of pastor Bob Coy due to moral failure. Coy founded and led Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, one of the largest and fastest growing churches in the United States, attracting some 20,000 people every week. In addition, Coy shared on a radio teaching program heard worldwide.

I heard of another pastor within the last couple weeks closer to home. I have personally dealt with nearly a dozen churches in the past couple years who lost a pastor due to a moral issue. One of the leaders in our denomination used the word “epidemic” recently to describe the number of pastors who are leaving the ministry because of moral failures.

I debated actually posting anything about this, however, having dealt with this issue so many times, and knowing there would be a flurry of news reports about this resignation, I decided to add a perspective to hopefully help steer some of the thoughts and discussions. Most of my readers are from the church — the body of Christ. This is intended as family talk. I believe there are things we can learn from times like this — as tragic as they appear to us.

My thoughts:

It does not negate Bob Coy’s teaching. I love his teaching. My first church was an hour from where I lived. I was there for a one year commitment and I listened to Bob Coy every Sunday driving to that church. His teaching helped me be a better teacher. I’m certain his influence still impacts me today in a positive way. Many times I hear people wondering what it means from all the things they learned under a pastor who falls. There are thousands who have been positively shaped by the teaching of Bob Coy. If the person was teaching truth, God’s Spirit is the ultimate teacher and that doesn’t change with yesterday’s resignation.

The enemy gets a new “attaboy” for his efforts. Satan loves to attack the good ones. Others will now say, “See, pastors are no different from us.” And, we are not, but the enemy will attempt to use this to draw people away from their faith in Christ.

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  • Tom Carpenter

    This is NOT a tragedy. The mega church model has to be destroyed in order for the church to be the body of Christ. People have made made heroes and prima donnas out of their “pastors.” Pastors are white-knuckled in their grasp on power and are better described as CEO’s or stars in the church rather than shepherds. If we should pray for anything we should pray that God rip apart institutional churchianity and replace it with the biblical model of small bodies of encouragement led by true elders and pastors not absorbed in their own hubris and power. Shame on you, all of you, esp. those of you who call yourself pastors for ignoring the biblical model of church practice of the New Testament. Get a job!

    • sadnana

      We may not have to pray they’ll be ripped apart. The day is coming when the government will do that.



  • Abiathar

    These Pelagian/Arminian Pentecostal churches begin in the flesh and not too seldom end in the flesh.

    • Pastor Dwayne

      Todays Pentecostal Churches resemble the New Testament Churches more than any of todays Churches!! Unfortunatly only a few of them operate the way they should!! Also, it is to bad all the Reformation Churches have also fell to the wayside!!!

      • phishing4men

        “Todays Pentecostal Churches resemble” chaos so many mumbling gibberish all at the same time. If it is all so great in the pentacostal church why is there as much moral failure as any where else. Old Holy Ghost filled Jimmy Swaggert for example. Been there seen the hypocrisy first hand.

        • Pastor Dwayne

          Apostle Paul spoke to the non believer , and, Christians like you, he called , “”the unlearned””,
          Moral failure—— God requires the most from those who have the most, so where is Satan going to attack the most??
          Satan already has most, 80%?? pastors in his pocket .
          I was raised in a reformation church, and have visited all reformation churches, so I think I know what I am talking about.!
          You said, “”mumbling gibberish all at the same time””! That is a statement that the, “” unlearned “” would make! The Apostle Paul would say that is fine, during the time of Worship, But when it is time to preach, he would speak in a language that people knew.
          Speaking in tongues is not hypocrisy! However there is hypocrisy in all churches, believe me.

  • kingdomwarrior

    It is sad and yet it is time. There are many a pulpit with a good teacher, preacher, pastor and still, they have not been baptized in the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who comforts, He IS our Counselor. How can we teach, where do we lead, who are we to take the place that belongs to God alone.

    Hear my heart, I am saying that without The Holy Spirit driving, you are bound to drive off the road. Spirit sees Spirit and we must minister one to another, steel sharpening steel. Our discernment is a tool and a weapon of warfare. We are living in the end days and Satan will take every opportunity to cause as many Christians to fall as we allow. Pastors need to take inventory and yield completely to God, in being full of the Holy Ghost. There is no room in The Body of Christ for anything less, in ‘Such a Time As This’. If you are not in position for God to use you, you are positioned for the enemy to use you.

    I am pleading with every Christian pulpit to yield to The Holy Spirit or step down. No Christian pulpit can be sound in this time without the full power of the Godhead.

  • Duane Brinson Jr

    I too sat under Bob Coy in Ft Lauderdale. Liked his Style, but not his take on Biblical Doctrine. In fact, as Calvary Chapel grew, more and more people came in lasciviously dressed and no moral stand was taken on it. Bob used to look stuck up always keeping his nose in the air, and telling other men to be careful to do the same. ?? made me wonder then. Anyway, Reformed churches are not “falling”, they are actually growing, through off shoots of previous denomination affiliation, and a vigilant care for spotting Romanist/ Jesuit/ Masons, infiltration. I have found several in my area, that are relatively new, and yet keep very tightly to the Reformed Faith of those that began it soooo many years ago. Pentecostal churches are no different than the Roman Catholic Church that started the movement in Scotland more than a century ago. Don’t want to get into the problems with it. Just want to mention to pray for Bob Coy, for God CAN and may, in His decree of old, have him in mind and in the Lamb’s book of Life. Only we Reformed Brethren can pray God save another, for who would ask God to force his will over another human beings ‘free-will’?? Anyway, I think that if God should save Bob, Bob would be able to do some REAL damage against the gates of hell. One more thing, I DON’T care for former Salesmen/ Businessmen as Pastor/Preacher/Teachers…never have, don’t know if I will…but, Bob used to work for the NY Yankees and was quite PROUD to say so, before becoming what he was at Calvary Chapel, and I have sat under other’s who were former business owners and think they can use their manipulation skills to ‘save others’. Preach the Gospel, and let the Spirit do His Work.

    • Pastor Dwayne

      Look out for those Businessmen, Peter and John !!

      • Duane Brinson Jr

        One…it’s that IRS agent amongst the twelve that worried me most, and sorry to hear that you haven’t been directed toward the right Reformed Church, but most reformers aren’t emoters that care overly much about charismata and speaking in gibberish and thinking they can prophecy. I don’t know…let’s read Jeremiah, and see what the state of the churches out there are in today. Sensationalism. If it feels good do it! As for Bob Coy, yes, it could happen to any one with sin in their members…(if it be in God’s Providence/ will), but when the Holy Ghost hasn’t renewed a person, the person really hasn’t got the strength to resist the devil, nor their wicked hearts desires. Churchianity…got to love it! Was just thinking about those who go about saying the right things and seemingly doing the right things and seem to be sheep, when they are indeed goats and/or wolves disguising themselves with the sheep’s wool. I don’t mean any disrespect to Bob or others, but, there is accountability to consider, and I DID mention to pray for Bob. Thanks for replying though. Oh! one more thing, I didn’t type Apostles. I typed Pastor/Preacher/Teacher. And did mention that I didn’t know if I ever could or would care for their leadership, but, I did leave the door open…but again, thanks for the reply.

        • Pastor Dwayne

          Duane, just curious are you Irish? I’ve been told when you spell duane your way it is Irish
          So , tell me , if I was directed to the right Reformed Church , what would it be???

        • Pastor Dwayne


        • Pastor Dwayne

          The Baptist Denomination is very good at the doctrine of Salvation!! But , beyond that , there Doctrine, and, I. C. E. has messed up a lot of people!
          Don’t get me wrong, please, if I. C. E. is used correctly, it is good.

          • phishing4men

            Your misguided pentacostal doctrine has messed up even more.

          • Pastor Dwayne

            in what way?????

          • Pastor Dwayne

            Again, in what way? I will say it again today’s Pentecostal church is the closest to the New Testament Pentecostal church there is!

    • Pastor Dwayne

      Pentecostal movement began in the new Testament, the Reformed movement from the Catholic “sacred Traditions” began many years after, New Testament teachings.
      One of their false doctrines is “when that which is perfect comes”